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    How To Boost Melanin: Practical Tips

    How To Boost Melanin: Practical Tips

    Ava Estell Editor Ava Estell Editor
    5 minute read

    Have you been thinking about how to boost melanin, especially in the colder seasons? Then, you're not alone.

    Although no direct studies confirm that you can increase the production of melanin naturally, we found some practical tips that can transform your skin's appearance from dull to a brighter glow.

    At Ava Estell, we understand that dark skin is unique, beautiful, and multifaceted. It requires specific skincare products to help encourage healthy skin cell growth in addition to a balanced diet and moderate environmental conditions.

    So, let's look at ways to boost melanin naturally with our guide of practical tips and Ava Estell's recommendations.

    [Disclaimer: Boosting melanin levels in the skin is something people try to do at home. They may not have access to sunlight, so skin can look and feel duller than usual. If you're unsure about your dark skin tone and skin type, speak with a dermatologist to guide you on the steps to understanding your skin before wanting to enhance melanin.]

    Tips For Boosting Melanin

    How to boost your melanin can be a challenge. Different types of melanin are responsible for the colour of your eyes, hair, and skin complexion.

    So, understanding your skin tone and its need to feel nourished can improve the appearance of your skin and how you boost melanin in the long run. Some tips to do this include:

    Lifestyle Changes

    You may need to take a look at your daily lifestyle habits. For example, if you smoke or drink alcohol in excessive amounts, it could have a direct correlation to the health of your skin. You can also consider the foods and drinks you consume.

    Balanced Diet

    A healthy diet is important, particularly when thinking about the production of hydrated skin cells. You may want to consider how to boost your melanin by including more antioxidant-rich foods in your diet to help with melanin levels.

    But remember to be cautious if you have a specific skin condition or underlying health concern beforehand. Include foods like:

    • Green vegetables
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Dark chocolate
    • Berries

    Regular Exercise

    Dedicating time during the week to exercise will benefit your health and also help you to boost melanin in your skin.

    For example, up to 30 minutes a day of low-intensity exercise, like going for a walk or a light jog, can stimulate the body and help the blood flow. You'll also be more likely to drink more water, which helps hydrate the skin.

    Herbal Supplements

    Herbal and vitamin supplements can help enhance the melanin concentration in the body. How to boost melanin with supplements requires you to add these in addition to a balanced diet rather than replacing what you consume.

    Herbs for Melanin Boost

    If you have a melanin deficiency and want to increase your healthy skin, you can choose specific vitamins. These can enhance how you feel on the inside and the appearance of your complexion on the outside. These can include:

    • Vitamin D: You would typically find this in sun exposure. But when the weather becomes colder, it can be harder to have a moderate vitamin D intake. It helps the melanin but also bone, muscle, and protection against disease.
    • Vitamin C: How to boost melanin production with vitamin C also helps with overall health and skin healing. For example, for hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration, vitamin C supplements can promote dead skin cell removal.

    Safety Considerations

    It's essential to consult with a skincare or healthcare professional before you take supplements, as you may need to be careful of the recommended dosage on how to boost your melanin and what may not work for you. You should also consider the quality of the supplement brand and any underlying health concerns.

    Top Ava Estell Skin Care Products Picks

    We selected two of Ava Estell's highly recommended skincare products to target dark skin tones and skin damage and promote the production of melanin.

    Magix Cream

    The infusion of Shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil are some of the active ingredients that improve the appearance of melanin-rich skin. The Magix Cream nourishes and keeps the skin hydrated.

    And with consistent use, you'll see better texture, enhancement for skin discolouration and a brighter complexion.

    Night Cream

    The Night Cream is a top product for smoothing and refining the skin cells in darker skin types. So, whether you have sensitive or dry skin, the Night Cream's anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera gel will help to soothe any unwanted redness and keep the skin looking smooth.

    Boosting Melanin: Closing Thoughts

    Overall, how to boost melanin production naturally is something many people with darker skin tones try to achieve when there is a lack of sunlight or a change in environment.

    So, think about including more antioxidant-rich foods in your diet, increasing your exercise and water intake, and maybe incorporating supplements into your daily life.

    You can also make the most of Ava Estell's skin care products with melanin in mind. The Magix Cream and Night Cream will soon be staples in your melanin-enhancing journey. Discover more of the impressive range today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you increase melanin in your skin?

    There is no direct scientific knowledge to increase melanin in the skin. But you can ensure a balanced diet, how much water you consume, and choose the most suitable skincare to encourage healthy skin cells.

    What stimulates melanin?

    Melanin can be stimulated by UV exposure from the sun. Too much exposure can lead to hyperpigmentation or even sunburn.

    How can I restore melanin naturally?

    Being mindful of what you eat and including vitamin D supplements in your daily routine can help boost the vitamin levels lost due to a lack of sun or a change in weather.

    What are the best foods to produce melanin?

    Antioxidant-rich foods are great for producing melanin. These can include dark chocolate, dark leafy greens, and berries.

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