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    Moisturizer For Hyperpigmentation: Best Solutions For 2023

    Moisturizer For Hyperpigmentation: Best Solutions For 2023

    Ava Estell Editor Ava Estell Editor
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    Many of us experience uneven skin tone, whether we have a breakout of hormonal acne or feel our skin drying out due to seasonal changes.

    These skin concerns can often lead to hyperpigmentation marks that take a while to fade, particularly on darker skin tones. That’s why, following a consistent skincare routine can help transform those marks into a brighter complexion.

    An essential step to more radiant skin is selecting the most suitable moisturiser for hyperpigmentation for your skin type. However, it can be a challenge to find something that has your melanin-rich skin in mind.

    Thankfully, Ava Estell has the best face moisturiser for hyperpigmentation, with ethically sourced all-natural ingredients. So, why not read through this guide to unlock what might work for you?

    [Disclaimer: We created this guide to help you discover how Ava Estell has some of the most effective hyperpigmentation moisturisers for your face and body. If you want to know more about which ingredients work for your skin and which don't, please speak with a professional dermatologist or GP.]

    Hyperpigmentation on Black Skin

    Because Black people have a higher concentration of melanin pigment in the skin, there's a higher chance we'll experience excess melanin from various factors. These factors can lead to dark spots or brown patches of hyperpigmentation.

    The most common reasons darker-skinned individuals may experience dark marks and need the best moisturiser for hyperpigmentation include:

    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: If you've had a skin injury, like a burn or scratch, it may leave a dark scar as it heals. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation could also be from acne or eczema due to a reaction or allergy.
    • Sun exposure: Too much UV exposure from the sun can harm the skin. Sun damage in darker skin tones is not as common as in lighter complexions. However, it can still lead to the risk of sun spots and skin diseases if there is a lack of protection.
    • Genetics: Some people are predisposed to having sensitive skin, dry skin, or eczema. If it's not hydrated properly, these dry patches of skin could lead to irritation, redness, and severe hyperpigmentation marks.

    Moisturising and Hyperpigmentation

    One of the best ways to prevent excess melanin production is using a suitable moisturiser for hyperpigmentation. Not only will this hydrate your skin, but it will allow the skin to function better. The production of melanin resulting in dark spots, age spots, and patches is typically treatable. 

    For example, if you have sensitive skin and you're not noticing many changes to the texture, perhaps your moisturiser doesn't have the correct active ingredients that suit your skin’s needs. Once you've switched up the ingredients, you'll notice a change, even if it's something small.

    At Ava Estell, we understand that darker skin types want products that target dark marks, and irritation, and ultimately improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation. So, we looked into the best ingredients from their naturally derived range.

    Ingredients for Hyperpigmentation

    Some of the components of popular skincare brands might be great dark spot correctors. However, they may include harsh ingredients that aren't the best for melanin-rich skin tones.

    We outlined a few we would recommend speaking with a dermatologist before trying on your skin:

    • Glycolic acids might irritate darker skin tones.
    • Alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, might react with sensitive skin types.
    • Salicylic acid is less reactive than AHAs but could still irritate if used in chemical peels.

    Benefits of Ingredients in Moisturisers for Hyperpigmentation

    In contrast, the best moisturiser for hyperpigmentation has some specific active ingredients that can help fade brown spots and tackle hyperpigmentation marks. These could include:

    • Lactic acid to hydrate the skin.
    • Vitamin C serum will inhibit excess melanin production for more balanced skin.
    • Aloe vera acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe dark spots and redness.
    • Stearic acid helps hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells.

    Top Moisturisers to Target Hyperpigmentation

    To help inhibit the overproduction of melanin, we picked the best moisturiser for hyperpigmentation from Ava Estell.

    For the Face

    If you wish to work on dark spots on the face, the Night Cream is an excellent addition to your skincare routine. It has a gentle formula to calm post-inflammatory skin concerns like eczema or burns.

    Thanks to its aloe vera, you'll see less redness and irritation. Additionally, the stearic acid retains the skin's moisture, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and giving a more balanced complexion.

    For the Body

    We found the moisturiser for hyperpigmentation that helps improve skin texture is the Magix Cream. It has a range of nourishing oils, including vitamin E, which can protect against skin discolouration. The Magix Cream also has rosehip oil to encourage the skin to regenerate.

    Best Moisturiser for Hyperpigmentation: Closing Thoughts

    Discover the most suitable moisturiser for hyperpigmentation to target your dark spots with Ava Estell.

    Our team understands that skin imbalance comes from various reasons, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, genetics, and too much sun exposure.

    For the best face moisturiser for hyperpigmentation, we recommend the Night Cream, thanks to its lightweight formula and active ingredients aloe vera and shea butter to reduce inflammation and hydrate dullness.

    If you're ready to enhance your skincare routine, check out Ava Estell's complete selection of transformative hyperpigmentation moisturisers today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Moisturiser is good for hyperpigmentation?

    Ava Estell's Night Cream is perfect for dark marks on the face. Their Magix Cream is also excellent at tackling hyperpigmentation on the rest of the body.

    Does Moisturising help pigmentation?

    Yes. Moisturising renews dead skin cells. It allows the skin to repair and feel healthier. You'll notice a more balanced and hydrated complexion.

    What is the fastest treatment for hyperpigmentation?

    Treating hyperpigmentation doesn't happen overnight. You'll need a consistent skincare routine to start to see results.

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