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    Face Wash For Hyperpigmentation: Best Solutions 2023

    Face Wash For Hyperpigmentation: Best Solutions 2023

    Ava Estell Editor Ava Estell Editor
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    Hyperpigmentation can appear as dark spots or patches on the face and body. It impacts people with varying skin types, including darker skin tones. It can be frustrating to fade, so we wanted to look into the best face wash for hyperpigmentation for your skin care journey.

    Each skin texture is different. So, discovering a product that can work on different complexions, from dry to oily to sensitive skin, is key. Let's dive into what we think are outstanding face wash options that target hyperpigmentation, remove dead skin cells, and leave room for a brighter skin tone to flourish. 

    [Disclaimer: This guide will give you our top face wash recommendations to help with hyperpigmentation marks. If you'd like to know more about your skin type and concerns, we encourage you to speak to a dermatologist.]

    Why Do People Experience Face Hyperpigmentation?

    There are many reasons we could experience hyperpigmentation on our faces specifically, including:

    • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: It occurs due to skin irritations, burns or abrasions to the skin barrier. 
    • Skin sensitivity: If you have more acne-prone skin, red and brown spots are more common and can leave dark marks on the face.
    • Age-related causes: Some hyperpigmentation could be age-related if we find ourselves with age and sun spots that have accumulated over the years due to overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays.

    That's why finding a face wash for dark spots and hyperpigmentation is necessary to see active changes to our skin textures and help us fight against those dark spots from settling on our face.

    Ingredients to Look for in a Face Wash for Hyperpigmentation 

    Many natural ingredients can benefit your skin, especially if you're experiencing hyperpigmentation. You'll want something ideal with active ingredients known to tackle the overproduction of melanin before it darkens. 

    The best skincare cream and face wash for hyperpigmentation should include ingredients like these:

    Vitamin C

    Some of the best face wash for hyperpigmentation on black skin will have vitamin C, which can help enhance your skin's overall appearance and texture. It's an anti-inflammatory that can reduce the redness you'd get before dark spots form. It will also help to brighten these areas to reverse the hyperpigmentation.

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil also attacks dark spots. It is exceptionally moisturising, which helps improve the appearance of dark marks. Jojoba oil is best suited in a face wash for dark spots and hyperpigmentation, like the oil-infused Micellar Cleanser.

    Lactic Acid

    Use a face wash for hyperpigmentation with lactic acid for a smoother complexion. It's perfect for sensitive skin types that may need something to help soothe the skin whilst working to fade the dark marks. In addition, you'll notice dead skin cells being removed thanks to its skin-healing properties.

    Best Face Washes for Hyperpigmentation

    We highlighted two of the most stand-out face wash for hyperpigmentation, particularly suited for those with dark skin. Some key ingredients and benefits are below:

    Foaming Face Cleanser

    One of Ava Estell's facial cleansers works wonders on different skin types, including oily skin familiar with acne breakouts. Typically, acne-prone skin can affect teenagers with an imbalance of hormones thanks to puberty. But that doesn't mean adults don't experience acne also. 

    So try the Foaming Face Cleanser to hit back as a face wash for hyperpigmentation on dark skin. Not only does it include natural ingredients like Aloe Vera that are anti-inflammatory, but it's also kind to the skin and allows for everyday use if you wish to see a shift in your hyperpigmentation journey.

    Micellar Cleanser

    Another gentle cleanser made with darker skin tones in mind is the Micellar Cleanser. It has active ingredients consisting of jojoba oil and lactic acid that target dry skin and hydrate the area to allow for a more even complexion and skin tone.

    If you have acne-prone skin, this is one of the best face washes for hyperpigmentation on black skin, especially for dark spots on the most sensitive skin types.

    Micellar Cleanser

    Micellar Cleanser


    Our Oil-infused Micellar Cleanser is able to break down dirt, impurities and even water proof make-up, whiles not drying out and stripping your skin of its oils - use everyday or as and when needed. Ingredients¬† Aqua,¬†Sunflower Oil,¬†Jojoba Oil,¬†Coco Betaine*¬†Pentylene… read more

    Creating a Skincare Routine for Hyperpigmentation

    It's important to find a skincare routine that works for your skin concerns. For example, if you're looking for a face wash for hyperpigmentation, you'll also need to protect your skin barrier from external factors, like sun exposure.

    So, cleaning, exfoliating, toning, and moisturising are essential to your routine. Not to forget sun protection should also be considered:

    Sun Protection: Try Zinc Oxide

    Harmful sun rays can affect the skin. The sun is known to darken hyperpigmentation marks, so choosing a product with zinc oxide, a natural sun protectant, will help your skin journey. We like the lightweight feel of the Summer Body Cream. It keeps the skin glowing and shielded against UV rays from too much sun exposure.

    Incorporating Face Wash into Your Routine

    A consistent face wash is needed to fade acne scars, dark spots, and other skin conditions that have led to hyperpigmentation. We recommend using a face wash for dark spots and hyperpigmentation that is gentle on irritated skin up to twice daily. 

    Seeking Professional Help for Hyperpigmentation

    If you're unsure of choosing the right face wash for hyperpigmentation, we advise you to speak with a dermatologist or GP for more information on your skin type. For example, you may have hyperpigmentation in the form of brown spots or redness that could be from a skin condition.

    Or you could need a specific acne-prone face wash due to hormone levels and oily skin. So, we think the right face wash for hyperpigmentation on dark skin should have the best ingredients for your needs.

    Skincare Products for Hyperpigmentation on the Face: Try Ava Estell 

    Ultimately, finding the most suitable face wash for dark spots and hyperpigmentation can come from naturally derived formulas. That's why we recommend gentle products from Ava Estell's innovative range that has melanin-rich skin individuals in mind. 

    So why not check out the best face wash for hyperpigmentation on black skin options, including the Micellar Cleanser and Foaming Face Cleanser, based on your skin type, texture, and how severe the hyperpigmentation marks are?

    Thankfully, hyperpigmentation isn't permanent, and the quicker and more consistently you act on it, the easier it will be to see a more even skin tone.


    Which face wash is best for hyperpigmentation?

    You'll want a face wash for hyperpigmentation on dark skin that can help lighten any marks, moisturise the area, and help remove dead skin cells so new cells have room to flourish.

    Can face washing remove pigmentation from the face?

    Specific face washes can remove the excess melanin due to acne, inflammation, or scarring. Products like the Foaming Face Cleanser can help with hyperpigmentation.

    Which face wash is best for pigmentation and melasma?

    We recommend the oil-infused Micellar Cleanser. It's non-clogging and can help remove any impurities on different skin types to ensure dark marks can fade.

    Is Cetaphil good for hyperpigmentation?

    Cetaphil is a well-known skincare brand. However, it may not have dark-skinned consumers in the forefront like Ava Estell. We suggest checking their full range of face washes for hyperpigmentation.

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