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    Faded Hyperpigmentation Cream: Best Solutions For 2023

    Faded Hyperpigmentation Cream: Best Solutions For 2023

    Ava Estell Editor Ava Estell Editor
    6 minute read

    Stubborn dark spots due to hyperpigmentation can be a pain, especially in darker skin tones. So, many of us search for an effective dark spot corrector that can fade unwanted marks and reveal a brighter complexion.

    But does such a product exist? Thankfully, Ava Estell has produced several faded hyperpigmentation creams with melanin-rich individuals in mind. This guide will outline those skincare products and how your skin type may benefit from them.

    So, look no further as we dive into the best cream for hyperpigmentation in 2023 and help you find an effective solution to clear imperfections and reveal a more balanced skin tone.

    [Disclaimer: Our article is an overview of hyperpigmentation on dark skin tones and potential creams to help with this skin concern. If you need more information on what skincare ingredient works for your skin type, we suggest you speak with a professional dermatologist or GP.]

    Can Hyperpigmentation Fade?

    Hyperpigmentation is when the skin produces an excess amount of pigment, known as melanin. In most cases, hyperpigmentation can fade even if the mark is still not as light as you would like. You can still see differences in the skin texture.

    This depends on the many factors that cause hyperpigmentation, like specific health concerns or skin trauma. This means your dark spots could take longer to fade than in other cases.

    That's why it's a good idea to start using a dark spot corrector in your skincare routine to help speed up the fade time. The best cream for hyperpigmentation will show results and keep you hopeful for how much of a transformation your skin can go through.

    The Best Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation

    Ava Estell proves that natural products produce some of the best hyperpigmentation creams. They work to target uneven skin tone due to sun exposure or act as dark spot correctors for isolated hyperpigmentation marks.

    You can find these naturally derived skincare options in different categories that align with your skincare regime, including:

    • Exfoliants

    • Cleansers

    • Masks

    • Moisturisers

    • Sun protection

    What Are Some Tips for Preventing Hyperpigmentation?

    You will first need to understand where your source of hyperpigmentation came from. Then, you'll be able to tackle it with effective treatment. So, we outlined some essential tips to help with prevention and avoiding dark marks in the future:

    Sun Protection

    The sun has harmful UV exposure to the skin that can darken existing hyperpigmentation marks. So, take the necessary precautions to avoid damage like sun spots by using SPF and a Summer Body Cream with the active ingredient zinc oxide to help heal hyperpigmentation marks.

    Balanced Diet

    Eating healthy and drinking a good amount of water each day can contribute to more glowy skin. When your skin is more hydrated, faded hyperpigmentation creams have a better chance of working through the skin barrier.

    Consistent Skincare Routine

    You'll also need to keep up with your skincare routine. Once you've found a dark spot corrector that works for you, be consistent with how often you use it.

    The best cream for hyperpigmentation can only thrive when applied regularly, as the fading process doesn't start after only one application.

    Considerations for Using Faded Hyperpigmentation Cream

    You'll want to be careful about the active ingredients you use for your skin type, as some products may be harsh, while others could be a better fit.

    So, if you know what your skin type is, you can benefit from the most appropriate faded hyperpigmentation cream recommendations below.

    Sensitive Skin

    Skin sensitivity can impact those with acne-prone skin and those with drier skin textures. Use a gentle cleanser like the Foaming Face Cleanser and a lightweight moisturiser to match, like the Night Cream, which can work hand in hand to even out the skin tone.

    These products have the active ingredient Aloe Vera, which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial to reduce redness from hyperpigmentation marks.

    Oily/Combination Skin

    The best hyperpigmentation cream should be able to target different skin textures, like oily and combination skin types that sometimes overlap on the face. The Foaming Face Cleanser is an excellent choice to start with.

    You can also consider using the Manuka Honey Face Mask to calm inflammation and target the cause of hyperpigmentation like acne or a skin reaction.

    Dry Skin

    Sometimes, dark spot correctors can dry out the skin, which doesn't benefit those with dry skin. So, we recommend choosing an oil-infused cleanser like the Micellar Cleanser with lactic acid to reveal brighter and smoother skin.

    Dark marks can then be moisturised using the Night Cream or the all-body Magix Cream to provide more hydration and balance to the skin tone.

    Faded Hyperpigmentation Cream for Specific Skin Concerns

    The dark spot corrector you choose will be the best for your skin concerns. The most common dark spot causes that lead to dead skin cells on darker skin tones include:

    Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

    This can be due to a form of skin trauma, like a skin rash, burn, or the result of acne-prone skin. So, use something like the Night Cream as one of the best hyperpigmentation cream options that won't irritate, burn, or sting.


    Due to a hormonal imbalance in pregnancy, some women may experience melasma, which looks like dark or greyish patches on the cheeks. The best cream for hyperpigmentation will be able to work on the problem area and help you see changes to your complexion. Like the Magix Cream with its range of effective natural oils:

    • Grapeseed oil

    • Jojoba oil

    • Apricot Kernel oil

    • Avocado oil

    • Vitamin E oil

    • Rosehip oil

    Sun Damage

    Sun spots and age-related spots are common hyperpigmentation causes that have evolved over the years. It's always great to start using fading and sun protection cream products as soon as you notice changes in your skin, as the results will be more successful.

    Your Journey to a Brighter Complexion with Ava Estell

    Whether you have oily skin or skin sensitivities, the appearance of hyperpigmentation can be a struggle to fade.

    Thankfully, Ava Estell has an impressive hyperpigmentation product range to discover the most suitable skincare ingredients for you.

    For more information on the best hyperpigmentation cream for dark-skinned individuals, check out the entire collection to start your skin transformation today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is faded cream good for hyperpigmentation?

    Generally, yes. But this depends on your hyperpigmentation cause and if your skin is sensitive to the fade cream ingredients.

    How long does fade cream take to work?

    This differs for each individual. You could notice a blemish and apply the cream for quicker results. Compared to darker marks that have been there for years.

    Does faded cream lighten skin?

    An Ava Estell hyperpigmentation cream will not lighten the skin; it will only brighten the dark mark to restore the skin tone's balance.

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